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In Praise and Defense of Western Yoga
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 Sep 25 - 10:13am

There is a lot of worry about how detrimental the West has been to and for the ancient practice of yoga.

There’s no question that sometimes Western yoga classes seemed unmoored from the values of yoga in its... Continue reading

Just do it: How to yoga with infant
Linda Karlsson | Posted: 2015 Sep 25 - 10:07am

This is how I do yoga some days. Other days I manage a few minutes while baby is asleep and toddler is at the kindergarten.

The first 6 weeks of being a mother of two, I didn't manage more than a... Continue reading

How to Make Irish Masala Chai Tea
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 Jul 23 - 5:43pm



Barry’s Irish Tea

Goat milk

Spice mix



I like chai [ Continue reading

When the Student Can Outdo the Teacher
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 Jun 20 - 2:34pm

So the genesis of this blog post is that Henrietta MacEwan posted an interesting question on this magazine’s Facebook page:

Can I just ask how would you handle a student coming in and asking you to help with pose that you cannot do? Many thanks.

So I realized that because I have lots of ideas... Continue reading

Holding On
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 Jun 19 - 9:30am


[Prefatory note: This post doesn’t have much to do with yoga, directly. It is just a meditation on our place and time. There are connections that can be made to yoga, in terms of “joining together... Continue reading

Humor in Yoga Class, Yay! And Nay
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 Jun 2 - 1:19pm

A few weeks ago I started going again to a certain yoga studio and found that I liked a pafticular teacher’s style. Because this is not a Yelp review I’ll call her Nina. I’ve been to her class twice.

What was unusual was that she really didn’t tick some of the boxes that I typically expect ticked in order for me to like... Continue reading

Fewer Brain Cells, Bigger Boobs
Linda Karlsson | Posted: 2015 May 29 - 2:40pm

After giving birth to Pi two years ago, I wrote a blog post about “the yoga of giving birth” and it was good to go through it all and think about the birthing process and using yoga... Continue reading

Fred, or, Teaching Yoga to Veteran(s)
Ivan Nahem | Posted: 2015 May 18 - 10:48pm

For a while now I’ve wanted to do some volunteer work with my yoga teaching. A couple years ago I trained with Connected Warriors but plans fell through for various reasons beyond my control (arrrg!) and I didn’t get on the roster till this year. However the first few times I was going to teach at the Brooklyn Veterans Centers... Continue reading