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Anne Falkowski, Yoga Teacher Magazine

There are a lot of things about teaching yoga that can be stressful. Stuff we didn’t think about too much during our teacher training.  Then we were more concerned with learning how to verbalize  Downward Facing Dog or how to demonstrate yogic breathing. Once we leave the cocoon of teacher training, the big world of yoga is not so delicate with inexperienced teachers. Especially when the number of students in your yoga class determine your pay or your value to the gym, yoga studio, or business where you are teaching.

It is anxiety-producing to have our self-worth as yoga teachers... Read more

Margie Suvalle Fischel

As a yoga teacher, student and writer, I spend a great deal of time going to different studios and gyms and checking out yoga teachers and taking their classes.  I have been to mind-blowing classes and ones I want to run away from.  No matter the studio, there are certain qualities that truly make up an amazing teacher.

1. A great teacher leads a well-balanced life. They are not perfect by any means, but they strive to take care of themselves and be an example to their students. They are honest about their struggles, flaws and bad days and try to inspire others to rise above... Read more

“What’s your excuse?”


She stares challengingly at me from the computer screen, wearing a bikini and the aggressive grin of a manic cheerleader, surrounded by her three young children.  Maria Kang , the “Fit Mom,”  is apparently suggesting  that if one does not flaunt her slender curves or her defined abs after giving birth three times, one just isn’t trying hard enough.


Then there is the wife of a Norwegian soccer player who tweeted an underwear shot of herself with a perfectly flat belly, four days after giving birth.... Read more
Teresa Diaz, Yoga Teacher Magazine


This issue’s theme struck a nice chord with me: “Service and Activism.” We, as yoga teachers, have chosen to serve the community, and to stand behind and spread the seeds of yoga – a challenging yet very spiritually rewarding path. Since signing on to become a certified yoga teacher, I have carried on with my purpose to serve the community as a Spanish yoga teacher.

Studies show that the Spanish-speaking community’s health in the United States has rapidly declined and the expenses for medical and health programs to assist them have quadrupled since the 1980s  – no thanks to... Read more

Sarah Bell, Yoga Teacher Magazine


Your most important tool as a teacher of asana is not your body. It is your voice. Certainly there are other essential pedagogical tools: clear demonstration, concise explanation, encouragement, a willingness to leave room for the words to be received, and skill in your hands-on adjustments. While most of us would agree that being established in our own asana practice is important, even more critical is our capacity to guide students into their own experience. And for this, the voice is key.


When we teach, we may be using our voice for an hour... Read more