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You Never Know

Since this is my first blog post in a while and my last one was essentially a eulogy to my son, I first want to report that life, you know, goes on. People ask how I’m doing, well it’s a tough one. “Life is glorious, but life is also wretched,” as Pema Chödrön has written. The wretched part grips me now and then like a tsunami upside the head, and it can be very hard. I try to stay with the glorious part as often as I can. Anyway I’m back to working, and that’s a good thing. Again I thank everyone who sent good wishes this way.


Just a few off-the-cuff reflections today to let you know about some situations… (I was once in a band called The Situations, so I know whereof I speak…heh…)

I’m the editor of this magazine, but I’ve been relatively offline recently. My wife is severely ill with some mysterious problems, excruciating pain in parts of her body. So far we haven’t gotten any certain diagnosis, so that’s been hard, but the more extreme and worst scenarios have been more or less ruled out, late in the day. Still it is very tough, and I’m sure tomorrow there will be more challenges.

Post Op Post Up

So at this early point in our evolution YTM is basically two of us, my cousin David and me, and both of us have gone through hernia surgery this past month, but we’re on the mend – David led the way and he’s basically fine now. I’m still recovering, but I was thinking there are a few lessons I’ve learned over the past week since my surgery that I could share as a person, yoga student, and yoga teacher.

Remembering All Those Names

Sometimes one just has to wonder about all the changes yoga has sustained through the years. Of course the universe is about fluxus, and yoga is not the only modality to transform through time. But I was thinking about how one of my foremost and most trying tasks, as a yoga teacher, is to remember names. This was probably not a problem for the earlier yoga teachers. Can you imagine Guruji in the Himalayan cave leaning over to his sole student of so many years and whispering, “I know it starts with a B….”


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