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A Gratitude for Rain


Dear Universe, Tlaloc or just plain God,

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to receive your magic element on our land. We waited for it desperately however, and patiently. We called each other up days before you gave us your gift to announce the coming of it and rejoice at the mere thought of being blessed with your kindness. Our little plants and trees, bugs and birds, and dusted cars and porches are smiling with contentment.


Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions every year.


We make lists.

We scratch them.

We shift them.

We cut them.

We paste them.

We trash them.


I never really made any resolution plans.


Eat healthy.

Run more.

Swear less.

Bike to work.

Get organized.

Save money.


Friends would flaunt their resolutions.


Join the gym.

Buy that car.

Trust is the path to becoming your best friend

Bull Frog Lake Hike, Kings Canyon, CA 2008

The time had come to take a break from the whole and concentrate on the Self.  I have been itching for my annual solo-backpacking trip for a while. My head was spinning with the mundane, and my heart was burdened with a longing for sweet nature, nature and more nature.

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