How to Make Irish Masala Chai Tea

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Barry’s Irish Tea

Goat milk

Spice mix



I like chai [] and I love Irish tea. Personally I’m not Irish but my wife is, and we lived over there for a few years, and I have to say no one objected to my tea-making, so that’s a good start, though perhaps they were just being Irish-polite. Anyway, to make this fusion homemade brew, it must be Barry’s tea.

So first brew the tea, duh. Steep it good, and then, as the Irish will, stir it. Remove the teabag. Add the rest of the ingredients to your taste. If you wanna get like all totally healthified, go with Manduka honey. Today I used Amesfarm Honeydew, which my sister sent me. The chai you get at Starbucks is horribly sweet, and I guess most people like that, but I just add about half a teaspoon per cup. And I’m not saying the Irish are huge on goat milk, but it is cheaper over there where I discovered I like it, and it’s better for you than other kinds of milk. However sometimes I use half and half for more body.

So what’s the spice mix? I experiment, just as I do with yoga poses. I prepare a batch, and as you can see I keep my Karha in a jar that used to contain Tartar Sauce (although that’s purely optional, as we sometimes say in yoga class… have to get in a few allusions to yoga teaching!) In the current batch I’ve got loads of cumin, turmeric, ginger and ground cardamom, and this time I even put in a touch of cinnamon, of which I am not normally a fan. A dash of red pepper, and then, for a nod toward the green and more flavor, ground sage. Be careful with that turmeric, though – spill some on the counter and it will stain yellow and before you know it your spouse/partner/roommate will be givin’ out to ya!




A friend of mine on Facebook commented: "How about some regular chai with whiskey in it?" ... and maybe adding some Jameson is a good idea -- and then mounting a challenge to the Irish coffee. I have to try it, but a little early in the day for me right now!

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