Aurorae Synergy Yoga Towel Mat for Hot Yoga

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by Ivan Nahem
Aurorae Synergy Mat, Yoga Teacher Magazine

This Aurorae combination towel and yoga mat isn’t the only one on the market (e.g. Lululemon sells one too), but the execution is brilliant. I received the blue with yellow trim; it’s plush but not overly so, it just feels very nice to stand on. The technology is interesting – as opposed to your basic mat, this mat gets less slippery the wetter it becomes; in fact spraying the mat before use is recommended. I used it during my workout practice and in a class (after spraying it with mat cleaner and tea tree oil), and it was nice to know my sweat drops were more or less nurturing the mat rather than contributing to tiny lakes. I haven’t yet brought it to the laundromat but apparently washing is not a big deal.  And, yes okay, the PR for the mat is a bit over the top, but we’re used to hyperbole in the yoga world... “With the bond of your soul and mind, you become one with your mat and towel…” Well I’m not exactly sure whether that occurred on my first outings. Perhaps in time it will come. In the meantime I have a mat for when I feel like workin’ the sweat!

Ivan Nahem is the founder/editor of YTM.

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