Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go Wrap

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by Ivan Nahem
Dr. Cool Wrap Yoga Teacher Magazine

Have to say I’m genuinely impressed with this product. The name sounds like a DJ and kind of makes me laugh, but seriously this will be so useful for anyone with a sports injury constraint.  “Dr. Cool is the ONLY product to combine ice and compression in one flexible wrap,” so they say, and I personally haven’t seen the like. It’s like a sports bandage, only it’s much better looking, and although you can use it dry, it has the additional feature that you can wet it and put it in a freezer and then bind it around the target area of the body, hooking it around a joint if appropriate with the aperture on one end. Not that I have an injury problem at the moment, but I tried it with one of my knees (I own two; on this occasion I chose the right one). The wrap secured the knee perfectly, felt healing, allowed for range of movement, provided portable padding, and the velco stayed secure. So they call it “recovery on the go,” because you’re both icing and supporting the affected area as you move around. The wraps come in three sizes and seven colors. While they also sell a nice silver insulated bag called a Dr. Cooler for a tenner, they also point out that “the wraps can be conveniently packed in yoga bags.” On the website they have giveaway contests, videos on how to wrap up various body sites, and a blog: http://www.drcoolrecovery.com/ … All in all, very Cool.

Ivan is the Founder/Editor of YTM.

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