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Jessica Rienecker (TallGirl Yogi)

One of the biggest obstacles we all face when it comes to physical activity is making enough time for ourselves. When you can’t get to the studio, online options are a great option! Powhow.com provides live webcam classes that allow you to interact directly with the instructors, which can enhance your practice in your own home. You can either schedule a private lesson or join in a scheduled class with others. Class prices vary based on the length, number of students allowed, and the experience level of the instructor. The website offers classes in a variety of disciplines beyond yoga including music, general fitness, and more. Nearly 4,000 classes are offered each month. If you travel often or have a schedule that doesn’t let you get to the studio very often, using the site is the next best option!

In addition to taking classes, there is a great feature for yoga teachers to set up a virtual studio. As long as you have the means to capture video, you can provide online classes through their site. This is a great option for new teachers, or teachers looking to expand their client base beyond their geographic region! You can also purchase gift cards to the site by visiting www.powhow.com.

Jessica Rienecker has been practicing yoga since 2009, and teaching since 2013 in Orange County, California. She focuses on intro level classes to help make yoga accessible to all fitness levels and body types.You can follow her on facebook at www.facebook.com/TallGirlYogi or her blog at www.tallgirlyogi.com. Jessica is Project Manager at Yoga Teacher Magazine.

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