prAna Twyla Top

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Reviewed by Jessica Rienecker
prAna Twyla Top, Yoga Teacher Magazine

The prAna Twyla Top is a wrinkle-resistant blend of nylon, polyester and spandex. It is designed to be moisture-wicking, which was a great fit for the day I tested it out: a hot and humid summer morning during an outdoor yoga class. The color and fabric didn't show any signs of sweat despite the heat! The top has removable bra cups which help in washing (but don’t put this in the dryer or you’ll warp the elastic!). I also tried the top without the inserts, and I found it fit me a bit better without them. As a taller yogi, I appreciated the extra length on the bottom of the Twyla top - it came down to my hips without any stretch or pull. The material is also gathered slightly around the upper waist along the seam, which keeps it from lying flat and elastic detail around the underarms and neckline kept the shirt in place while doing inversions, twists, and downward dog. There is extra support with a second set of straps (that add some nice aesthetic) on the back. This is a durable top that you can wear for everyday classes, but is stylish enough to work off the mat. The Twyla top comes in two colors: coal and eggplant, and can be purchased online at


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