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Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions every year.


We make lists.

We scratch them.

We shift them.

We cut them.

We paste them.

We trash them.


I never really made any resolution plans.


Eat healthy.

Run more.

Swear less.

Bike to work.

Get organized.

Save money.


Friends would flaunt their resolutions.


Join the gym.

Buy that car.

Cruise here.

Travel there.

Date him.

Meet her.

Get ring.

Give ring.



I would praise them.



Sounds good.


You’re ambitious.

How smart.

Very diligent.

He’ll like that.

She’ll love that.


Sitting in the passenger seat, I grin grimly.


More reading.

Less Facebook.

More yoga.

Less chocolate.

More admiration.

Less cattiness.

More greens.

Less tamales.

More love.

Less hate.



Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions every year.


Simple and beautiful. I think if a resolution is worth making one day, it's worth making all days. No need to stress about it though, we're always a work in progress.

Making progress, that's all we can ask! Well said.

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