What's up in early November

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So I want just to throw out a few words about my current state of affairs, including teaching. I believe I’ve had a harder time returning to this magazine after the tragedy suffered last year; it almost seemed too intertwined. I must confess I also took on a lot, and there’s just a lot to do when you’re really the major content provider for a magazine like this. So I backed off somewhat, just to get my head together a bit more. We all need a break, right, and with training teachers, teaching classes, my own practice, my writing, and editing and fielding everything for this yoga magazine – that’s a lot of yoga. Anyway, I’m just reporting this to say that I realize it’s been a bit quiet on the site, but I have some more time free now and I’m going to start working toward the next issue.   In the meantime I want to state for the record that teaching yoga over the past difficult year or so has been a godsend for the most part. I’ve loved teaching so much and have just really enjoyed being with and learning from my students. I think I’ve come to the place where I’m confident that my less inspired classes are still good enough, and at times a terrific, good energy comes through me and I get to inhabit that zone… And of course it’s just so welcome to be able to participate in the evolution of such a marvelous modality as yoga.   On Halloween I had a Friday night gentle class scheduled, so I turned it into a Ghoulyasana session, and dressed up as Shree Bludi Guruji, a zombie Krishnamacharya doppelganger. We had a fun class, even doing Upward Howling Dog and the fiercest lion’s breath I’ve ever heard. So above and below are a few pix from that night; two of them are from the class in progress, but I only used my iPhone camera for that and the focus isn’t great, so they all look like vaporous spirits… but you get the idea, I think.  


The fake blood turned out to be blue, so apparently I had feasted on (fake) bluebloods.


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