Yoga Flip Chips

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TallGirl Yogi (Jessica Rienecker)

Yoga Flip Chips were a product I came across after perusing the “benefits” section of Yoga Alliance (they are Associate members). They currently offer discounts to Yoga Alliance members for their all-natural 100% bamboo “chips” which were created by physical therapist/yogini , Nina Jackson. The chips are smaller than a compact disc and have a different design on each side with one designed the “Assist” side. I tried the chips during a free mixed-level community yoga class. No one had ever seen them before, and I explained that there are some yogis who prefer not to be touched for various reasons (and that this was okay!). Some people have different barriers of personal space, and others have injuries and don’t want adjustments from a teacher who doesn’t know the subtleties of those delicate body parts. The students in my class were impressed with the concept, and although they all kept their chip on the “assist” side they agreed that the option was comforting to them. I spoke with a student after class who had been through issues in her childhood that had kept her from allowing others into her circle of personal space in the past. She appreciated the option, and it opened up a dialogue that may not have otherwise arisen after a class. Teachers are always preaching the mental and emotional benefits of yoga, and physical contact can certainly bring those subjects to the surface. This is a great tool to discretely give your students options, and you as a teacher can still give verbal adjustments to that student who many not want physical contact that day. The chips stack in a container and fit into a beautiful drawstring pouch, and come in Mocha, Fuchsia and Tango colors. You can purchase Yoga FlipChips and accessories at their brand-new website,

Jessica Rienecker has been practicing yoga since 2009, and teaching since 2013 in Orange County, California. She focuses on intro level classes to help make yoga accessible to all fitness levels and body types.You can follow her on facebook at or her blog at Jessica is Project Manager at Yoga Teacher Magazine.

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