Calm Body Clear Mind DVD
by Ivan Nahem
Calm Body Clear Mind, Yoga Teacher Magazine


Anyone looking for yoga experiences that are deeply relaxing and tension releasing, by any chance? Jillian has been interviewed at length in these pages (  As one of her students over the years (full disclosure!) I can attest that she knows her stuff; her knowledge and professionalism permeate the teachings, and she is always creatively articulate. The production values are quite high here, even the disk itself is well-designed, the scenario is lovely, the music contributes to the ambience. Jillian offers three practices, which can be played all together or as separate modules: Slow Flow (30 min.), Restorative (30 min.) and Relaxation (10 min.), so you can calibrate participation to your schedule. I love her flow, she returns to themes, circles around to certain shapes and ideas. In the Restorative sequence she demonstrates how to thoroughly release in held poses, using music and her voice to guide you deeper. The Relaxation sequence is in the same tone, essentially a guided Savasana practice, shorter than the full practice and perfect for a simple recharge of body and mind in hectic times. There is also a fourth module on the menu in which she demonstrates the use of props for relaxation poses. You can purchase the DVD directly from Jillian’s website here.

Ivan is the founder/editor of YTM.