Yoga Teacher
Dharmendra Singh Sailoni
Bangalore/Nainital, India

I conduct two day (Saturday and Sunday) weekend residential simplified yoga and meditation retreats in Bangalore/Nainital, India, on every last Saturday and Sunday of the month all the year round for foreign tourists visiting India on a spiritual tour.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor from Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation in Bangalore,India. Apart from being a certified yoga instructor, I have learned many forms meditation and healing arts under the expert guidance of many spiritual yogis/gurus of the Himalayan Mountains during my spiritual journeys.

I teach the traditional style of yoga and meditation as taught to me by the Himalayan yogis. My system of teaching yoga and meditation is in a very easy and simplified way, which every lay person can understand and can practice easily. Most of all my peace-loving, warm, and fun-filled nature makes me more lovable among my students and my followers. I am also being nominated as a Love Ambassador from The Love Foundation Inc, USA for spreading unconditional love through my noble services for humanity.