Yoga Teacher
Lisa Kneller
Scottsdale, AZ
Lisa Kneller Yoga Teacher Magazine

Where and when do you teach?

I teach during the week at the Westin Kierland Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also teach at a studio called Yoga Village in Scottsdale, a couple of gyms and at my church. About once a month I offer a special workshops on aromayoga at various locations.

Where/with whom have you trained for yoga teaching?

My training consisted of a 6 month program through At One Yoga in 2003 lead by Jordan and Martin Kirk. They were immersed in Anusara yoga at the time, so that was my introduction to alignment and heart-opening themes.  I have studied with John Friend, Eric Schiffman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Angie Santucci and Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes and other great teachers - many who are local to Arizona. I currently subscribe to My Yoga Online to get fresh practice and teaching ideas.

I also have a 500 hour Master Holy Yoga certification. Holy Yoga was founded by Brooke Boon and she has studied extensively with Baron Baptiste and other great teachers.

How would you describe the style(s) of yoga you teach?

I teach alignment-based hatha yoga in my slow flow, gentle, and all-levels classes. My Holy Yoga classes consist of Biblical teachings/Christian philosophy and asana, with a background of Christian music. Most recently I have been teaching a lot of Yoga Nidra - a quiet, restorative and deeply healing practice. I am interested in helping people master their emotional health and connect more personally to God within. Restorative is also a favorite of mine.

What endeavors other than your yoga practice contribute to your development as a person and yoga teacher?

A few things. First, I am very involved in my church which is more of a community center than a church. We have partnered with Alice Cooper and his Solid Rock Teen Center to provide resources and outreach to the community on a variety of levels from tutoring children and GED classes to feeding the hungry. I'm not really a church-centered person, but I love being there because it's a beacon of love and hope for people and I love serving God as a volunteer there in a variety of ministries. This is what drives my life and my spirituality. I may be odd in the yoga world because as much as I appreciate yoga philosophy, it's not what keeps me tethered to the yoga world or my practice. I enjoy the fun and challenge of asana with a disciplined spiritual practice of worship, study and service.

My spiritual life keeps me grounded and I am reminded that I'm not a super-special yoga teacher but rather a warm and loving helper.

Secondly, I am an internet marketer. I love connecting with others through the internet and my background in advertising and public relations lead me to pursue a second career in online marketing. I help yoga and fitness professionals develop their online presence if they are interested in selling their programs or products on the internet. Between teaching, volunteering and my computer, I am a very busy woman.

Last, but not least, I have developed a fascination with essential oils and these have enhanced my yoga classes and my teaching income tremendously. Plus, they have kept me really healthy and offer me emotional support during my long, physically draining days.

Anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

I have been married to my best friend for 27 years and we are still crazy about each other. I have a 23-year-old married daughter and a 20-year-old son in college, both born on the same date. I am supremely blessed and grateful for all the teachings I have received through my family, my yoga teachers, my pastors and friends.