Yoga Space
Meditation Retreat Peru
Isla Amantani, Lake Titicaca, Peru
Sacred Valley Retreat, Yoga Teacher Magazine

Please relate the story of your studio (e.g. when was it established, who are the owners?)...

It was founded by Lakshman in December 2012

Would you please describe the style(s) of yoga your studio offers?

We are a Hridaya Yoga school, we practice Meditation and Hatha Yoga

Can you please describe the environment you offer?

We are offering Silent Meditation Retreats on the mystical island “Amantani” in the middle of Lake titicaca

Anything else that is unique about your space?

Our retreat space on Isla Amantani at Lake Titicaca can definately be described as one of the most powerful places on earth, at an altitude of 4000m, in the middle of the most sacred lake of South America. This place is like a portal into another dimension, a bridge between the earth and the universe.